About Aligned PPC:

a collective of 1% marketers with performance-aligned fees.

What Is A “Marketing Collective”?

The unfortunate truth about most Ad agencies is that you never know what caliber of marketer is actually going to be managing your account on a day-to-day basis.

At most agencies, that individual is a recent college grad with limited real experience. Every once in a while you may get an experienced marketer; but most companies can’t afford to waste time and money playing this agency game of Russian roulette, hoping they get someone good to hold the keys to their car.

Our model eliminates this guessing game.

All clients are managed on a day-to-day basis by Jesse Shapiro, who has over 10 years of deep digital marketing expertise.

What makes our model especially unique is that we tap our network of elite 1% marketers during the “strategy and design phase” to help in building a rock-solid, personalized paid search program for all new clients.

So in short, with our collective model you get several top-level marketing minds (all of whom have at least 10 years experience) strategizing, designing, and managing your account.

What Does “Aligned” Mean?

Most agencies charge 15% of your ad spend as their fee. Some then add a “performance bonus” to that if they do a good job.

Shouldn’t they just do a good job in the first place?

And why are they incentivized to get you to spend more rather than do a good job?

Sure . . . spend may be correlated with performance, but not always. And being paid on a tangential KPI (i.e. spend) is mis-aligned and, from our perspective, antiquated.

To us, Aligned means two things:

1) Our incentives are aligned with yours (i.e. based on your most important KPI) with respect to fee structure.

2) Our initial engagement is only 90 days long, to let you get a feel for what we can bring to the table. After that, everything is month-to-month. No long term contracts, ever.

Who Is Jesse Shapiro?

Jesse manages all client accounts, and has a background as unique as the Aligned approach.

Jesse started his career in the strategy consulting and M&A world, developing robust financial models, product positioning strategies, and corporate development strategies. After a serendipitous meeting on a golf course, he transitioned into the digital marketing world, becoming one of the strongest paid search specialists at a high-end digital Ad agency where he managed the agency’s largest client.

Because of his clients’ special circumstances that required developing new campaigns weekly for their numerous divisions, Jesse developed a proprietary method for building out world-class campaign and account structures. Over the course of his tenure at his former agency, Jesse managed dozens of accounts, ranging from Fortune 100 giants to small start-ups, with each seeing substantial improvements under his management.

Jesse left his former agency to pursue his MBA at UCLA, where he ended up starting a healthy snack company called Youtopia Snacks. After using his deep marketing expertise to grow Youtopia into one of the most popular online snack brands, he sold the company to a Private Equity firm in late 2021.

After selling Youtopia, Jesse found himself back in the world of paid search, taking the reins in helping his friend’s company devise their first-ever digital marketing strategy. It was in this project that Aligned was born, as his friend’s company knew it needed digital marketing help, but was turned off by the several agencies they’d been in touch with.

After developing a performance-aligned fee structure that matched the marketing goals perfectly with the client’s most important metric (i.e. revenue), Jesse was able to develop a robust strategy that yielded exceptional results – a true win-win.

In addition to running Aligned PPC, Jesse also serves as a Startup mentor and advisor with Techstars LA, a world-renowned Startup accelerator.

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